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As the previous owner of Hillside Pottery - when it was known as Forest Row School of Ceramics - I’m thrilled that Debbie and Fatima were able to take over the business now that I’m moving to Dorset to start my new ceramics school.

We’ve all known each other for many years and they have both been important members of the teaching and technician team, so I know that they’ll do a fantastic job in continuing to run the studio.

In many ways I’m very sad to be moving on, but I know that I’m leaving the business in very capable hands.. I’m looking forward to inviting them down to my new ceramics school in Dorset and I’m hoping that they will bring lots of their students with them to attend some of my full time classes!

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We wish Katrina the best success with her new adventure in Dorset, and feel very lucky to be able to take over such a thriving and successful pottery school in such a beautiful location.


As members of the teaching and support team for a number of years, we know what a special place the pottery is for so many of the students: in today's challenging world it's a place to come and relax and focus entirely in the moment. The therapeutic benefits of working with clay have been well documented and the focus and attention needed in making a pot take you to a different and quieter place.   


There is such a sense of satisfaction in holding a mug, or bowl that is hand-made and decorated by you, using a timeless art form. 


We hope classes at Hillside will give students the opportunity and inspiration for exploring, playing and creating with clay. 

Fatima & Debbie

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