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Open Studio Sessions

These sessions are only open to current students of Hillside Pottery School

~ Experienced students who are comfortable working alone are welcome to use the classroom      outside of normal class times.
~ Sessions are £15 and are prepaid in blocks of 4 at a cost of £60.
~ Payment covers up to 3 hours of studio time.
~ Students must sign in and out each time on the sign up sheet on the Damp Cupboard.

Class timetable 2024.png

Use and Requirements -


  • Clean up completely after yourself

  • Switch off all lights and lock up when you leave – return the key to the keysafe

  • Use a mix of recycled and new class as in class

  • Make sure all clay is left covered up and recycle your clay as much as possible by wedging and rebagging it.

  • Do not use the damp cupboard – shelves are provided for you

  • Any pots to be fired should be treated as if they were made in class ie, stamped, weighed, put on your card and then onto the greenware shelves

  • If glazing, normal protocols apply – use glaze slop bucket for washing out tools

  • Kilns are not to be used

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